Core Technology

BSI+Global Shutter

Faster than fast

The first global shutter CMOS Image Sensor from SmartSens provides high quality image with no distortion on high speed objects.

  • Rolling Shutter
  • Global Shutter

Technology Breakthrough

SmartGS™ has the world-first global shutter CMOS Image Sensor with BSI technology. The technology breakthrough makes incredible high sensitivity with non-distortion image.


SmartSens CMOS Image Sensor supports the interline HDR image synthetic algorithm that expands dynamic range greatly. This enables the image sensor to capture clear digital images under both bright light and low light conditions. Video

  • Conventional
  • SmartSens



Rely on SmartSens breakthrough noise reduction technology and advanced reading circuit architecture, the image signal-to-noise ratio has been greatly improved.



Based on the advanced circuit architecture, the SmartSens CMOS Image Sensor has excellent low-light performance with its high sensitivity.

Single-frame HDR


SmartSens provides SmartGS™ series global shutter CMOS sensor with single frame HDR, high sensitivity and high shutter efficiency.


Brilliant Night Vision

With the optimization of integrated circuit technology resulting from a breakthrough in NIR technology, the quantum efficiency in the range of 850nm-940nm has been improved, which has effectively improved the camera`s sensitivity under low-light conditions.

Low Power

SmartSens continuously upgrades integrated circuit structure for optimized performance. By leveraging Power Management and Clock Gating technologies, the second generation of SmartSens CMOS image sensors has achieved 40% reduction in power consumption compared to previous generation, making it the ideal choice for battery-powered products and applications.