• Applications

  • Applications

  • Security & Surveillance​

    SmartSens provides high-quality CMOS image sensors, with high sensitivity, high SNR, which can deal with most challenging lighting conditions. They are very suitable for indoor and outdoor security and surveillance applications. SmartSens’unique patented technology, low noise column parallel read circuit architecture, provides high-speed, low power, low noise performance, which greatly improves the image quality under dark light.

  • Artificial Intelligence

    Machine vision and industrial camera requires Global Shutter technology. This technology helps sensor to collect no-distortion picture at high speed moving condition. Smartsens can provide global shutter sensor for machine vision and industrial camera application.

  • Automotive​

    SmartSens CMOS image sensor is designed for two automotive applications: automotive cameras (such as reversing cameras, driving recorders) and ADAS system (LDWS, FCWS, ACC). Local Multiple Exposure Ultra High Dynamic Range technology enables automotive sensors to deliver superior images under difficult lighting conditions. At the same time, the global shutter technology will enable the automotive sensor with high-speed shooting and little image distortion. SMARTSENS will provide more cameras with different functions to make the future car safer and smarter.

  • Mobile

    SmartSens provides sensor for mobile applications, with innovative pixel technology and circuit architecture, to provide industry-leading photoelectric conversion performance, full well capacity and high sensitivity while significantly reducing image sensor power consumption.